Spiritual Healing, Courses and guidance.

Angel healing practitioner course level 1

This indepth course is fantastic for anyone wishing to learn how to connect with their angels. It includes an attunement to your angels and gently guides you on how to connect with their energy.



Complete Energy clearance

This is completed distantly. I connect with your energy field and working with your angels and guides clear any negative attachments with light. This will leave you feeling completely at peace, feeling calmer and more re energised. A normal energy clearance usually takes up to an hour and can be anytime, anywhere. leaving you free to carry on with your day (we all now how precious time is ) to find out more about how energy works please check out my spirutual articles page xx





Reiki Level 1. 2 day courses or available online

Learn the healing art of Reiki. The word Reiki in Japanese means God energy. During this 2 day course you will learn about the universal energies around you, learn how the soul is connected to the Energy of the universe. You will receive your first attunement to the universal energy around you, learn how to work with peoples energy and rebalance their energy system. Understand how the energy system works and what happens when it is out of balance. This course will give you the tools to understand energy, and how to help those around you as well as practice the art of energy healing. Up and coming dates for courses.. These can be arranges as part of group learning or on a one to one basis. Travelling to you is also available upon request to anywhere in the country. Sunday 28th April Sunday 12th May Sunday 19th May Other dates are available upon request. Courses run between 12pm and 4pm and a total of 8hrs







Reiki 1 installment option






Reiki Level 2. Day courses or Online available

During this Reiki level 2 you will receive a second attunement to the universal energies around you. You will learn how to work with your spirit guides and Light helpers around you. You will learn about the heirarchies of the spiritual helpers around you, Learn how to discern positive and negative energies, how to dispel negative energies and learn how to connect with your own spiritual guides in order to help others. This is over a 2 day course of 4 hours practical learning each day. Dates can be arranged around your schedule and learning can be on a one to one basis or group learning. We have teachers all over the country so we can always travel to you if needed.





Reiki 2 installment plan






Spiritual ascension course. Includes 10 energy attunements.

Gain complete understanding of your spiritual journey. Learn how to connect with your inner truth and how to follow your inner guidance. Attune your energy to the following energy layers.. Connection with your angels, attuning your energy to the 4th dimension and connecting with the Archangels... Includes 7 energy attunements. Learn how to attune your energy to the higher layers of the 4th dimension and understand how to work with the spiritual warfare that's around you. And finally attune your energy to the highest source, The God Source and connect with the highest of light, Jesus and the spiritual council. Move your energies through into the 5th Dimension. All of this can be completed distantly as we are working with the universal energy source that is around you.






Angel lightworker Healing course installment option






Advanced spiritual Mastery course day course or online

This is a one day course for those who are looking to move from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension. This is ideal for those already working with the Archangels and Ascended masters. You will be initiated into the spiritual council, and your energies will be completely attuned to the energy of God, during this process you will be safely guided through the spiritual realms to understand fully the spiritual dimensions, Duality, spiritual warfare and be initiated into your soul being completely connected to Source. God. By the end of this course you will have mastered completely you spiritual ascension





Advanced spiritual mastery course installment option for online





Spiritual mentoring and coaching

Are you feeling lost spiritually? Are you wanting to progress along your spiritual path and understand your journey more. I offer spiritual coaching tailored to you, guiding you through your spiritual ascension and awakening






one to one spiritual healing and coaching

This is based in Long Melford, however travelling is an option. For one to one spiritual coaching and healing. I charge £15 an hour and this will include a cost for travel time.





Guardian Angel guidance reading. Distance