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We are all ascending at a divine pace. Trust in your journey

The energy awakening is happening, the revelation is happening. Thousands of light workers and earth angels are being woken up and are going through a huge energy transition. This energy shift is to help tilt the earths energy vibration from a negative to a positive charge.

Once this happens and the energy is shifted, it will pave the way for a new generation of human, they will be already intune with the divine light, their energies will be pure love and light and the planet will be restored to the heaven it was created to be. Yet at the moment all of that seems very out of reach!

If you are reading this it is very likely that you are an earth angel or lightworker waking up and starting your journey of finding your soul.

You may be judging yourself on others and how far they have come. Please dont! One thing is for certain we are all divine light. We are all created by the divine. We all created for a perfect divine purpose.

But if we are all the same why are we so far apart on our journeys? Every earth angel and lightworker is beginning to wake up. Their energies are ascending at different paces. This is all divinely guided.

Imagine a dot to dot of light. You have to start somewhere? But energy wise the planet holds different energy frequencies in different places. These are all created to bring about perfect balance for when everything eventually links together. When each earth angel or lightworkers energy increases it creates a ripple effect around them. There will be some energy that takes a while to shift onto next levels but this is not YOU! this is for the highest good of where you are and what is around you. If you are in a place where the energy is very low vibrational then if YOUR energy ascends too quickly then this will be useless. But if it happens gradually and at a slower pace, it will connect with the energy around you and slowly shift that as well. Imagine it as a gathering of light and as your energy ascends so does the energy around you.

Alot of earth angels and lightworkers have signed soul contracts that they will be placed in very low vibrational situations or places, however as their energy awakens it changes the energy around them therefore breaking the cycle of negative!!!

So never judge your journey on others. Just trust that you are moving at exactly the right pace for the divine plan.

And once again thankyou for being here on this mission and helping our beautiful planet.

Love and light Sam xxxxx

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Why lightworkers go through phases of light and dark, even after ascension

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey you will often experience both light and dark. However for a lightworker going through the awakening or having fully ascended you will feel the ups and downs of spiritual light and dark immensly.

I was under the impression that once fully asended into the 5th dimension… (where your energy becomes completely aligned with the divine) you will no longer feel the negative energies around you and you will have that infinite feeling of bliss. The harsh reality is the brighter your light the stronger the darkness tries to take over you. You are like a huge light attracting bugs! Plus if your light is so strong that you are creating waves of planetary energy changes, then darkness will try and stop you at whatever cost!

For those who are new to discovering who you are and why you are here, If you are drawn to this article it is most likely you are a lightworker moving through the stages of ascension, and once a lightworkers energy is fully awakened and connected to Gods energy then your light can be used by God and his angels to spread light throughout the planet, touching everyone and everything near you. You will also be able to send light all over the world just through thought process and distance work. But with this gift comes great sacrifice, you know you have reached full awakening when you feel in your soul that you have no control over where you go or what you do, your path is to follow your soul and allow your light to be guided to wherever it needs to go. You will let go of your own personal needs and allow yourself to be guided wherever you are needed. But with this trust that you are always provided for and protected with the divine light.

The spiritual warfare that is going on at the moment is very real. Until now the earth has been under a blanket of dark energy. Just as there are spiritual light helpers out there, there are also dark spiritual entities. this layer of dark energy sits on the 4th dimension and essentially governs the evil and ill doing that goes on in the world today. Some would say in the bible the work of the devil. (For those who are on a journey of corresponding their spiritual journey alongside the bible prophecies) When a lightworkers energy becomes fully awakened your light bursts through the layer of spiritual darkness and connects with the divine source. Once this happens you are on a completely different energy frequency and the dark sees your light and sees you as a huge threat! suddenly you will begin to feel not only little bouts of negative energy attaching themselves from the lower frequencies, but you are dealing with HUGE waves of negative energy from the 4th dimension literally trying to crush your light! So for many lightworkers who’s energy become fully awakened and connected to the divine, when you have a bout of negativity, its not just a small hit! Its huge and feels like you are literally feeling the worlds pain.

So when you feel like this, please don’t panic, if you can seek out fellow lightworkers and ask for help in cleansing and boosting your energy. And keep strong. Know that you are not a failure, because believe me when the clouds of darkness hit, you will be telling yourself all kinds of nonsense! Trust that this will pass and no matter what hits you your light is stronger and the Divine god will never leave your side.

Just recently I have felt my energies have become fully ascended, I had many experiences whereby I was shown how lightworkers are changing the energy vibration of the planet, during healings and meditations i am working alongside Jesus, the Archangels and ascended masters, but now I feel them beside my energy rather than through me, and during one profound vision my soul was welcomed by Jesus and it was like my light had been fully ignited. All was amazing in life!

Then Crash, it was like I was under the heaviest cloud I have ever been under. I felt immensly sad and overwhelmed, but this time it was like I was feeling the planets sadness, so much so it was completely unbearable. I was under a complete fog. All connection was completely lost and I as a soul was completely lost.

What was interesting was many people Who I know are on very similar energy frequencies were feeling exactly the same.

But WHY? by now I was feeling pretty fed up, it feels that every time I’m feeling completely connected then it all of a sudden its back to square one.

For many lightworkers who are nearing the height of ascension they know that they are there because something in your energy suddenly changes. All of a sudden you become completely aware that your whole soul is at service to the divine. You will see yourself as an activated light who is now a pure energy being who is simply here on earth as a physical vessel for divine light.

With this comes great responsibility and challenges. You just know in your heart that your ego and ideas of what you should be doing are surrendered so that you are able to be guided where ever you are needed.

But your role in this planetary shift is vitally important. Once your energy becomes completely aligned with the divine you are no longer just an energy being guided by spiritual forces, but you are NOW a transmitter of energy. You are a physical being that conducts energy and transmits it to where it needs to go. This is why when you reach this stage you suddenly feel you no longer need crystals etc because your energy is now completely inline with the divine and exactly where you need to be. To find out more about how crystals help you with your awakening check out the e-book on here.

When your energy moves to being a transmitter for light you will start to feel your purpose and direction change. You will start to recognise that you can visually work with light wherever it needs to go rather than just through your hands, you can start to visually send and transmit light as well as transmit through your whole being.

So why does it feel like such a rollercoaster ride?

As more and more lightworkers ascend to transmission level it creates waves of light being continuously sent out into the energy field of the planet. With this cleansing process it begins to slowly unsettle and mix up the spiritual darkness that is happening (in bible terms the devil) which is actually the spiritual dark that has a grip on the world until now.

As this light creates waves, then the dark is whipped up and (to put it politely.. pissed off that its being dispersed by the light) and so it goes for where ever the light is to try and extinguish it.

As a transmitter of light for the divine you are not only feeling the huges waves of dark energy being moved around, but also your light is being attacked. One day you will find the world is bliss, then the next you feel like everything has turned its back on you.

If you experience these emotions ask yourself these questions….

‘ Do you feel like suddenly you are overwhelmed for no reason?’

‘Are you saddened by everything you see on the news, papers etc’

‘Do you feel like your soul wants to collapse with the weight of the world on your shoulders?’

‘ Are fellow lightworkers feeling the same?’

If you answer any of these then it can be a case of you feeling the dark waves of energy being swirled around and moved out as the spiritual war goes on.

So how to overcome it? As hard as it may seem, no matter how you feel carry on sending out visual light.

Go for a walk and as you do imagine every tree you pass filled with light. The more light work you do the quicker the darkness will go away. Remember your light is now aligned with God and can extinguish anything.

Not only do we have to deal with the shifting energies of the planet. but you can be under attack by Demons attached to people.

As your light becomes stronger it unsettles every dark entity out there, and believe me there are lots.

If you suddenly feel unsettled, anxious, nauseous, jittery then you may have been spiritually attacked on a personal level.

If this does happen seek other lightworkers to help clear those attachments.

Remember beautiful souls you are amazing! and you are doing an amazing job. Keep at it! Your light will change the world xxxxxxx

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Be Gods Love

Feeling Gods pain and love can be overwhelming. As your spiritual awareness changes so do your emotions, you are not only taking on your own emotions linked to yourself, but being connected to Gods energy you feel the pain and love that he the creator feels. I have often questioned, what is God? where is God? on a physical and mental level we ask these questions, however as your spiritual awareness opens up and you gradually become aware of energies, different spiritual beings around you, and your energy becomes awakened, then you no longer can question things, You just KNOW there is a God, and your just KNOW that yes its unexplainable, but the feeling that you feel when you are connected is so profound that you can no longer question it.

When your energies become awakened to the divine energy of God, you begin to feel his love in your heart but also his anger and his pain. This is why from a spiritual perspective God is sending in Angels to guide us, to awaken our souls, He is sending the divine spirit guides to guide us, Jesus and the divine council are starting to show themselves spiritually to people all over the world simply because it has to be now! God has had enough!!!! he has had enough of hate, he has had enough of seeing us destroy each other, he has simply had enough! It is now or never to save our planet and ourselves.

I had the most profound experience the other day, I was with my little girl who was doing the usual 10 year old thing and moaning she didn’t have enough stuff, we then had the conversation lead to the children in the world who actually have nothing! they are simply starving. I shew here photos of children starving in Yemen, and as I talked I felt such anger towards the situation, I felt physically physically sick, this wasn’t just a sadness feeling, this feeling overwhelmed me! I felt my whole soul being crushed with anger and sadness for this situation.

You have to understand that God talks to you through your feelings, the emotions that you feel for others and situations is Gods energy flowing through you. This is why the whole awakening process is happening. Spiritually God is coming for everyone of us and stirring up these emotions so that we can be his vessel to do something about it. You may not think that you can help but you can! If you have love in your heart, then you have Gods love in you. Just like God fills your heart with sadness for these situations he does the same with Love, except with Love we can use it to send out love.

Love creates love. God needs every single one of us right now to send out love. Anyone, anywhere can do this. Simply take some time during the day to pray. You don’t have to be religious to pray, all you need to do is to love. When you pray or meditate imagine the world and the people in it being surrounded by Golden light, There is no right or wrong way of doing this, Remember God uses you as a tool of love, just go with your feelings.

Prayer or meditation sends out light. Imagine if we each had a golden thread being spread across the earth, it will gradually break down the darkness easily.

If you are wondering how light can change things? Hate comes from a spiritual darkness, its the spiritual dark that guides people to oppress people, guides people to become selfish, greedy, create wars etc.

Light is the language of love, send out love and light and you will help the planet and the people here. Sending out love and light will not only raise the energy vibration of the world, but it will also help to awaken other light workers around you, and then they will start to send out light, and so the dominoes effects begin to happen.

You are powerful, you are love, and you are here to make a difference even if you think you cannot

Watch “The start of your awakening” on YouTubeFinding your awakening. Following your heart.

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Every spiritual path is different

Throughout your spiritual journey you will often question… Am I on the right path? This can be tricky when you are in a mine field of information, not knowing which way to turn, but understand that everyone’s spiritual journeys move at different paces, in different directions and sometimes it stops off at places, other times it doesn’t. We are all spiritual beings who are all connected to our own spiritual pathways. Our journey often isn’t just for us, it can be for those around us.

Every experience we have, whether it be good or bad is meant as part of our journey. Spiritually however no matter what your journey, it is down to how we respond to that situation that matters.

We each choose a path here on earth before we incarnate. This is to pay off certain karmic debt from previous lives and to learn certain lessons. Some have greater lessons to learn than others. But essentially we are here muddling through trying to reach our final destination.

But what is that final destination? and what are we all striving for? during your journey of spiritual development or learning you have a stirring inside of you that this is all meant for something greater? You know in your heart that there is more to you than physical self. You understand that you are here as a greater consciousnous and that what you are striving for is something greater than yourself? These are all questions that you will be asking yourself at some point during your spiritual journey.

Once you start to delve more into your spiritual self you will often start to question am I on the right path? Other people may be at different levels as you or encouraging you into the same direction as them. Everyone’s journey is different and will move at different paces. A spiritual journey is about understanding yourself and how to take ownership of your own journey. Not what a book says or someone else says. We are all individual beacons of light in physical form who are being directed to where we need to be. Some souls have chosen to be placed in difficult situations so that they can help others around them. Others choose to go on wayward paths to experience certain things In order to re find themselves and help others in other situations. But the one thing that we can count on is that God is guiding us and we are all finding our way along this tricky pathway of life.

To know if you are on the right path you follow your instincts. Your intuition is your gut instinct and is connected with your soul. Your soul knows your soul records and your spiritual plan. It will guide you to where you need to be.

Planetary plans? So what are we all here for?

We are all part of a mass consciousness who are all souls that have been placed here on the earth plane to show our dedication to finding our way back to God. God from a spiritual perspective is the light source, the creator of energy/us. Part of our challenge over the mass perspective is to over come spiritual hurdles, understand the spiritual warfare that is out there and over come darkness within ourselves and around us. We are all on a mass challenge to find ourselves, reconnect with our souls and understand who we really are. So no spiritual journey is the same and will never go at the same pace as anyone else. As long as you follow your instincts, Have love in your heart and do the best that you can for yourself and those around you then you will be doing exactly what is needed of you.

You are amazing, and wherever you are in your journey keep going…. Share your love and light, take whatever you can from the lessons you are given and know that you are being guided in everything that you do.

Love and light Sam x

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Why if there is one God are we drawn to so many different energies and belief systems?

I have often questioned if there is one source, one power (God) then why is there so many different religions, beliefs, faiths etc yet they all ultimately say the same. This question also resonates with the different energies and belief systems of ‘ new age practices’ such as the use of namaste instead of Amen etc etc. I know in my heart that not one belief over rides another, and that we are all being uniquely guided to different energy/belief systems for different purposes. The key is that every faith, belief or religion is based on an energy vibration.

An example of this would be those who follow the pagan belief system have a natural energy connection to the earth. They naturally feel an obligation to protect and nurture the earth as well as having a very defined groundedness about their energy. Whereas from my experience those who work with Angels and a higher energy vibration often have the belief system or christian background.

Please accept this is all just from my experience but the important thing is that no one is right and no one is wrong. We are infact all here doing Gods work and have been chosen to follow certain pathways for specific reasons. Belief systems are simply emotions or a resonance with something, I personally am fascinated by all of them and only take the parts that resonate with me.

The truth of the matter is we are all here for certain reasons and we have been strategically placed around the world energy wise for specific purposes.

But my question is… Why are we all guided to different systems if we are all right?

Here is the answer i recieved after directing it to God…

” Each and every one of you have my divine light within you. I sent certain masters of the past to be among you and share my love and wisdom amongst you. But again earthly things such as Ego and glory often stood in the way and my message to the world did not get through. Apart from Jesus who was the purest of all of the masters i sent to be among you. But now is a time of great change. Sending masters worked for the task at hand however now you under go your own challenge as a collective consciousnous. Now is the time to become your own masters. My Angels, guides, ascended masters are all working tirelessly to awaken the divine light within all of you so that there is no need for the ego of masters mixing my work… My work and love will be in all of you. When you become awakened to the light, you become awakened to me. Every belief system is leading to me. Those belief systems that are unworthy will disappear. Each and every soul is here for me and each have a task at hand. Every light in this world is there strategically placed to help change the energy vibration of where they are. Each belief system is in place to help to guide those on that energy vibration. The ultimate goal for all souls is to move through the different energy layers and start to connect with me directly so that my love and light can flow through them and be guided wherever it is needed. I hope this helps dear one”

So wherever you are follow what is right for you at that time. We are all being guided as part of a huge web of light and different energy vibrations.

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