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Every spiritual path is different

Throughout your spiritual journey you will often question… Am I on the right path? This can be tricky when you are in a mine field of information, not knowing which way to turn, but understand that everyone’s spiritual journeys move at different paces, in different directions and sometimes it stops off at places, other times it doesn’t. We are all spiritual beings who are all connected to our own spiritual pathways. Our journey often isn’t just for us, it can be for those around us.

Every experience we have, whether it be good or bad is meant as part of our journey. Spiritually however no matter what your journey, it is down to how we respond to that situation that matters.

We each choose a path here on earth before we incarnate. This is to pay off certain karmic debt from previous lives and to learn certain lessons. Some have greater lessons to learn than others. But essentially we are here muddling through trying to reach our final destination.

But what is that final destination? and what are we all striving for? during your journey of spiritual development or learning you have a stirring inside of you that this is all meant for something greater? You know in your heart that there is more to you than physical self. You understand that you are here as a greater consciousnous and that what you are striving for is something greater than yourself? These are all questions that you will be asking yourself at some point during your spiritual journey.

Once you start to delve more into your spiritual self you will often start to question am I on the right path? Other people may be at different levels as you or encouraging you into the same direction as them. Everyone’s journey is different and will move at different paces. A spiritual journey is about understanding yourself and how to take ownership of your own journey. Not what a book says or someone else says. We are all individual beacons of light in physical form who are being directed to where we need to be. Some souls have chosen to be placed in difficult situations so that they can help others around them. Others choose to go on wayward paths to experience certain things In order to re find themselves and help others in other situations. But the one thing that we can count on is that God is guiding us and we are all finding our way along this tricky pathway of life.

To know if you are on the right path you follow your instincts. Your intuition is your gut instinct and is connected with your soul. Your soul knows your soul records and your spiritual plan. It will guide you to where you need to be.

Planetary plans? So what are we all here for?

We are all part of a mass consciousness who are all souls that have been placed here on the earth plane to show our dedication to finding our way back to God. God from a spiritual perspective is the light source, the creator of energy/us. Part of our challenge over the mass perspective is to over come spiritual hurdles, understand the spiritual warfare that is out there and over come darkness within ourselves and around us. We are all on a mass challenge to find ourselves, reconnect with our souls and understand who we really are. So no spiritual journey is the same and will never go at the same pace as anyone else. As long as you follow your instincts, Have love in your heart and do the best that you can for yourself and those around you then you will be doing exactly what is needed of you.

You are amazing, and wherever you are in your journey keep going…. Share your love and light, take whatever you can from the lessons you are given and know that you are being guided in everything that you do.

Love and light Sam x

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spiritual development

Why if there is one God are we drawn to so many different energies and belief systems?

I have often questioned if there is one source, one power (God) then why is there so many different religions, beliefs, faiths etc yet they all ultimately say the same. This question also resonates with the different energies and belief systems of ‘ new age practices’ such as the use of namaste instead of Amen etc etc. I know in my heart that not one belief over rides another, and that we are all being uniquely guided to different energy/belief systems for different purposes. The key is that every faith, belief or religion is based on an energy vibration.

An example of this would be those who follow the pagan belief system have a natural energy connection to the earth. They naturally feel an obligation to protect and nurture the earth as well as having a very defined groundedness about their energy. Whereas from my experience those who work with Angels and a higher energy vibration often have the belief system or christian background.

Please accept this is all just from my experience but the important thing is that no one is right and no one is wrong. We are infact all here doing Gods work and have been chosen to follow certain pathways for specific reasons. Belief systems are simply emotions or a resonance with something, I personally am fascinated by all of them and only take the parts that resonate with me.

The truth of the matter is we are all here for certain reasons and we have been strategically placed around the world energy wise for specific purposes.

But my question is… Why are we all guided to different systems if we are all right?

Here is the answer i recieved after directing it to God…

” Each and every one of you have my divine light within you. I sent certain masters of the past to be among you and share my love and wisdom amongst you. But again earthly things such as Ego and glory often stood in the way and my message to the world did not get through. Apart from Jesus who was the purest of all of the masters i sent to be among you. But now is a time of great change. Sending masters worked for the task at hand however now you under go your own challenge as a collective consciousnous. Now is the time to become your own masters. My Angels, guides, ascended masters are all working tirelessly to awaken the divine light within all of you so that there is no need for the ego of masters mixing my work… My work and love will be in all of you. When you become awakened to the light, you become awakened to me. Every belief system is leading to me. Those belief systems that are unworthy will disappear. Each and every soul is here for me and each have a task at hand. Every light in this world is there strategically placed to help change the energy vibration of where they are. Each belief system is in place to help to guide those on that energy vibration. The ultimate goal for all souls is to move through the different energy layers and start to connect with me directly so that my love and light can flow through them and be guided wherever it is needed. I hope this helps dear one”

So wherever you are follow what is right for you at that time. We are all being guided as part of a huge web of light and different energy vibrations.

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spiritual development

Connecting with Source, what does it mean?

Along your spiritual path you will hear many times the phrase.. “Connecting with source” but what does it mean? Source is the universal energy that is where we all originate from. We are an energy source that is connecting to the energy of the universe. Our souls are connecting to the universal energy source and everything that is around us. The whole planet exists in one energy existence.

The hierarchy of energy is this..

The Physical plane.. Is us here as a physical form

The Soul… The soul is an energy source within the physical form. Our souls are connected to the spiritual dimensions around us. The spiritual dimensions exist within the universal energy field. Imagine the Soul as an open tube of golden light within you. As your energy system slowly opens up this golden light becomes stronger and connected to different layers of planetary energy, slowly connecting you to all of the spiritual dimensions around you. Once fully opened your soul is ultimately completely connected with God, the source of all things.

The Aura… The Aura is the energy field that is connected to your soul, but surrounds the physical form. Its like a protective seal around the physical form and almost keeps you attached to the physical self. When people Astral plane their souls leave the physical form and often leaves the Aura, leaving them in limbo between spiritual dimensions. This can be dangerous as your soul may struggle to find its way back. This often happens when taking substances that supposedly enhance your spiritual experience. This for me is a HUGE NO! NEVER DO IT! The aura holds an imprint of our physical and emotional state. You know the physical and emotional state of someone by imprints within their aura. Auras also often hold karmic ties from previous lives and past traumas that need to be released. Once these are released your soul is free to fully awaken to be fully connected with God.

Universal energy..

The universal energy is the energy that exists around us. We are all part of the universal energy system and all part of a collective consciousness of the planet.

The hierarchy of spiritual helpers…

As part of your spiritual ascension we are being guided through each stage of the process. Our ultimate and final goal is to be at one with the “source” = GOD. To do this we are being guided by many spiritual helpers who have been assigned to us to help us through the spiritual layers.

The basic Hierarchy is as follows..

  • Spirit Guides/Angels
  • Archangels and Ascended masters
  • Spiritual beings who make up the spiritual council… These are not always the same and will change throughout your experiences and journey
  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  • God

As you progress through your spiritual ascension you will be guided through the layers of universal energy until your soul becomes completely connected as one to SOURCE. (GOD)

Your soul is awakening to find its true place which is beside Jesus, fully connected with GOD and the Source running through you, as lightworkers many are already being awakened to this point, these lightworkers are then helping others to reach that same point. Eventually the energy vibration of the planet is beginning to raise and eventually we will all be connected to source.

I hope this helps you on your journey and makes things a little simpler to understand.

Love, Light and Peace xxx

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Crystals and the Energy awakening,

As part of my journey I have recently felt a huge energy shift and feel that my energy has now ascended to be at one with the source/God whichever your preferred term. Crystals have always been a part of my journey. I have always used them as part of healing and often selling them as part of my practice, but all of a sudden I was finding myself distancing myself from them and this was leading me to question… Why was I moving away from crystals? especially they had been such a big part of my journey, until now. With the energy shift coming to an end for me and I feel myself settling into the new found energy dimension I am finding myself drawn back to crystals but only resonating with certain types. I now look at them in a completely different way.
As the planetary energies change and our energies begin to ascend, crystals energy begins to change to.
Crystals are here to help us along our spiritual path. They are there as tools to help shift our energies to fully connect with the Universal source which is where we are all eventually headed. As you near your final part of your spiritual ascension to be fully connected with God you will find you are being drawn away from crystals but this is only temporary. As part of your final ascension stage you will be drawn through the final dimension and will have an understanding that you no longer need Crystals as you are now fully connected with the Energy source.
Once this final ascension process has taken place, you will then be in a position to programme crystals with the highest possible light and this will be helping draw other peoples energies along the path of awakening. When you feel you are being drawn away from crystals it means you are on the final path of awakening and you will soon be fully connected with God. Gods energy is held in all crystals and they have been created to hold that infinite source of light, all there for different stages of our and the planets ascension. This is all part of Gods plan for creation… Why else would only certain types of crystals be found now recently? Its because its planned and all perfect timing.

Crystals are amazing gifts from God, they are gifts of energy to help us all reach the very source of creation. Just as you are raising the energy vibration of the planet so are crystals.

If you would like to find out more about your spiritual connection to crystals I have written an e-book that can be found at the bottom of this page

Love, light and peace xxxx

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Understanding the Gift of Discernment A beginners Guide

Many empaths and energy sensitives are in the process of training for discernment of spirit without even knowing it!
We are living in a world now where a lot of people are natural aware of energy around them, They naturally have a gift of instinctive awareness of a persons intention and the energy around them. They often are unware that this is a gift and can sometimes see it as a burden. You may find it difficult to be around certain people or in crowds because the energies are unsettling to you. You may question yourself as someone may seem lovely on the outside but you instinctively know that they cannot be trusted.
I ran a pub for 10 years and I used to know exactly how someone was going to behave as soon as they walked in the door. The energy around them would tell me if they were to be trusted, but obviously you can’t say that I don’t like you because of your energy. But you can just be aware of how you are feeling.
What I would say with that though is the more aware you become of energy you will begin to be aware that it is not often the persons doing that is bringing you those feelings, but also the energy that has accumulated within their aura and is making them behave in a certain way.

We live in a huge energy minefield! everywhere we go we leave an energy imprint? I have done energy readings for people who have been seated in a chair and then moved away, you can then work through the layers of energy that they have left behind and actually bring forth their experiences and thoughts through basically reading thin air! but its not, its the energy that they have left behind.

Do you often go into a place and immediately pick up on a vibe? or do you suddenly feel angry when you walk into a place? When you are sensitive to energy you often pick up on energy imprints that have been left behind. This is why being a lightworker is so important and keeping your energy high is important. It raises the vibration of the planet. Your light and your energy imprint is helping to raise the vibration of the planet. So keep on with your mission!

If you are reading any of this and it is resonating with you then you very much have the gift of discernment. You are very much programmed to be able to pick up on these energies.

But now what to do with it? energy healing is already programmed into you. You may not understand it yet, but you are already picking up on the flow of energy that’s around you.
In order for us to shift the planet into a better place we must first understand energy. If you have been given the gift of discernment… The gift of understanding energy then you are truly blessed. ( I must just mention when we talk about feeling peoples energies, this is not about judging if someone is deserving or not etc, its about feeling peoples souls rather than judging people by outer appearances.)
Look into learning more about energy, Pray to be guided to where you need to learn from. Know that if you have a gift that God wishes your to use, you will be guided to using it. Follow your heart and your instincts. Know that you are being guided to find an understanding and awareness of you gift.

The gift of discernment is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and if you are sensitive to energy you already have the basics. Whether you are religious or not, we are all in this together. Learn how to work with that energy and you will be fulfilling your life purpose.

Signs that you have the Gift of Discernment for beginners..

– You sense peoples energies and intent

– You are sensitive to energies and atmospheres

– You walk into a room and pick up on the energy of a room

– When you are around people you feel their emotions or sense their state of wellbeing

These are all signs that you have the beginnings of the Gift of Discernment.

For those who are already Energy workers or healers and are dealing with Energies on a greater level you will know when you are dealing with the Gift of Discernment with these signs…

– You will be giving an energy treatment and immediately feel if there is stuck energy

– You may start to see light and dark energy attached to an aura

– You may start to have lots of people coming to you who have had energy attachments to them (this is often to show you an awareness and they are guiding it to you for a reason)

– You start to feel and see Angels and spirit around you and can immediately sense if they are good or bad

– You seem to have people guided to you who have been under energy attack.

If you start to have any of these then your healing is leading you onto a path of understanding your gift from the Holy spirit and how to work with that.

In my next article I will write about how to know if an Angel is from God or not, and an understanding of how to protect your energy and clear your energy if something has attached itself to you.

I hope I can help with the next part of your journey. Any questions please give me a shout on samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com


Being aware of psychic attack

As part of your awakening your energies will begin to change. You will start to become aware of energies around you, atmospheres and even peoples energies around you. But what you do need to also be aware of is the very real energy trait of psychic attack.
Most people may not even be aware that they are doing it, but for an empath or sensitive they instinctively know of someone’s ill intent towards them and this can be hard to deal with sometimes. When someone has shown no physical harm towards you or said the wrong words, but yet you still feel an anger towards you energy wise.

Now I specialise in distance healing. It works with the universal law of energy and if someone has asked for distance healing then I am able to connect with that persons energy, then through connecting to the spiritual guides and helpers around me, as well as the God source then Healing energy is then able to be sent. I don’t do the healing, however the messengers of light/guides/angels will bring the healing energy and show me where they are guiding it. They also show me where there is negative energy and how they are clearing it. People who have distance healing often say they immediately feel their energy change. Often they know exactly when the distance work is taking place.

Anyway this isn’t about me, what it is about is the awareness that if someone can harness and feel the positive energy that is being sent to you? then of course it will work the same when someone is sending negative energy.

Thoughts and feelings are energy. When we pray for someone we are sending out a golden thread of universal light which then attaches itself to them. This is not us using some amazing power, this is us simply sending out good intent to that person. Every loving thought raises the energy vibration of that person. The same goes for negative thoughts and feelings. They to are energy and when we are angry at someone, send ill thoughts and feelings towards them through anger, jealousy and hate then they will be feeling that. I must reiterate that it is universal law that if your intent is negative, it will come back to you in a double dosage! so don’t do it! But you can see when someone’s energy and life becomes a tangled web of anger, this can go on and on and they can never seem to get out of it. Until their energy has been cleared of that original anger. Our thoughts alone can effect those around you without them even knowing it.

For empaths and those who are sensitive to energy you may start to feel when someone’s intent is negative or you are under psychic attack. You may start to feel uneasy when around that person, You may suddenly start to get pains around the top of the back and the neck. You may start to feel jittery and have an anxious feeling in the stomach. When this goes on for a long time or you are stuck in a room with that energy for a long time then you can start to feel dizzy, nauseas and on edge. If this goes on for a long time then these feelings can start to stick and you begin to feel unwell all of the time. When doing energy work you will often see negative energies that have been attached to someone as dark wisps of energy, during energy healings these are removed and replaced with golden light.
If you feel that you are or have been under psychic attack then either seek an energy healer or you can do your own healing meditations that can help to clear your energy.
As long as you have awareness of your own energy then take notice of when things feel different. Just as you do if you are physically unwell, take notice when your energy feels off balance to.

If you would like to ask any questions about the effects of psychic attack and how to get rid of that stuck energy then please do email me on samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com

I will also upload a guided meditation to help to clear psychic attack from your system.

Love, light and peace x

When I talk about symptoms of feeling unwell, I would not in anyway refrain from seeing a medical professional, however an understanding of energy is important in well being.