Spiritual articles to help with your journey


I have started to put together some Articles that will help you to find your own journey and guide you through your spiritual awakening. Remember everyone’s journey spiritually is different and happens at different times. Follow your soul and allow it to guide you. You are awesome!

Love, Light and Peace Sam x

Why lightworkers go through phases of light and dark, even after ascension

Be Gods Love

Why if there is one God are we drawn to so many different energies and belief systems?

Every spiritual path is different

Understanding the Gift of Discernment A beginners Guide

Being aware of psychic attack

Watch “The start of your awakening” on YouTube

Finding your awakening. Following your heart.

A spiritual awakening, moving through the dimensions.

Your energy is the link to your angels..

Why are angels so different to any other energy practice

A lightworkers path..

Connecting with Source, what does it mean?